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Before You Switch:

  1. The transfer process usually takes 1-24 hours. Landline numbers can take 1-3 business days. Your phone will still work during this time.
  2. Once you submit your online request to switch networks a Digicel representative will contact you within 48hrs to complete the request.
  3. Don’t cancel your current service before switching to Digicel! Have your current bill ready.
  4. Double-check your contract with your current provider for any contract obligations you may have, like an early termination fee.
  5. Have an alternate contact number for emergencies just in case your transfer takes longer than anticipated.

Expression of Interest

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If you live in serviceable area you will be contacted by a member of our team. Once our team confirms that you can receive service, you can sign up and will be scheduled for installation.

If you don't live in a serviceable area your information will be stored and our team will contact you when our service expands coverage to your area