What Digicel products and services can I order online?expand_more
You can order cell phones, data devices and prepaid SIM cards with data plans.
I want to buy a new Digicel prepaid simexpand_more
Yes, you can purchase a new SIM card online.
I want to buy a new Digicel postpaid simexpand_more
You can begin your order online, however postpaid transactions can only be completed at the store.
I want to switch to Digicel from my existing providerexpand_more
Once you submit your request to PORT online. A sales member will contact you within 48hrs to complete your port request.
Can I convert my Digicel prepaid to postpaid and vice versa?expand_more
You can begin your order online, however postpaid transactions can only be completed at the store. Postpaid to prepaid conversions can only be done at a store.
As a new Digicel customer, can I bring my own phone or tablet and connect it to the Digicel LTE network?expand_more
Yes, you can bring your own device as long as your phone/device operates on our frequency band. 3G-HSPDA 850MHz & LTE-B17, B12, B4,B2
As an existing Digicel customer how can I upgrade my smartphone?expand_more
You can purchase any device from our website.
What are the payment options available?expand_more
Credit Card and Visa Debit card payments are accepted online.
What currency will I be billed in?expand_more
Regardless of the currency being displayed for the product, you will be billed in JMD
What documents are required for purchasing a new prepaid sim?expand_more
You will only need a valid form of identification to purchase a SIM online
What documents are required for purchasing a new postpaid sim?expand_more
You will need a valid form of identification and a proof of address. This can be a utility bill in your name or a bank statement. If you do not have a utility bill in your name, you will require a utility bill for your residence and a letter from that person that utility bill is registered to permitting you to use that address.
What is the Cancellation Policyexpand_more
Orders for cell phones only can be cancelled at anytime once not dispatched from our warehouse. Orders where a prepaid SIM card was bundled may not be cancelled. 
What are the steps to be followed to cancel my order?expand_more
Please login, select your order and click the cancel button
How long will it take to receive my refund after cancellation?expand_more
Refund times vary based on your bank and card type
What are the different delivery options available?expand_more
Standard delivery exists and can take up to 72 hrs
What are the delivery charges?expand_more
Standard delivery is $690 and can go up to $1,380 depending on the quantity of devices ordered
How long will the delivery take?expand_more
Delivery can take up to72hrs
From which stores is store pick up available?expand_more
Store pickup is currently not available
For which products or services are verification documents required?expand_more
Verification documents are required for all purchases. At the point of delivery, the courier will verify the recipient/customer via ID.  
What should I do if I miss my delivery?expand_more
If you miss your delivery you can contact support to reschedule delivery
How can I track my order?expand_more
Tracking number and status will be available on your account
Will all the products be shipped out together?expand_more
Yes orders made the same day will be shipped together
Which locations do you deliver to?expand_more
All locations that TARA Services courier delivers to. These locations can be found on their website.
Will I have to be personally present to receive my order?expand_more
Yes. However if authorized, someone can collect on your behalf at the delivery location.
Can I change my delivery address or mobile number once the order has been placed?expand_more
Sure however the order will go to the address listed at the time the order was placed.
What are the various statuses an order can have?expand_more
1. Processing 2. Shipped 3. Delivered
I placed my online order for delivery but have not received any shipping updateexpand_more
Please allow 24hrs before an update is posted. You can also email for an update.