• What Digicel products and services can I order online?

    Digicel’s Online Store offers a variety of services, including the ability to purchase devices, Gift cards, Prepaid SIM cards (with plans included), register for Postpaid, Digicel+ or switch from another network.

  • I want to purchase a new prepaid SIM from Digicel

    Yes, you can purchase a new SIM card online, just click to the "Prepaid SIM" tab.

  • I want to purchase a new postpaid service from Digicel

    You can start your orer in the "Postpaid Sign Up" section, but you must go to a store to complete your transaction.

  • I want to switch to Digicel from my actual carrier

    You can send a request in the "Switch To Digicel" tab. A sales representative will get in touch in the following 48 hours to complete your transfer request.

  • Can I convert my Digicel prepaid to postpaid and vice versa?

    From prepaid to postpaid you can start the process online, then a sales agent will contact you to finish the process in a physical store.From postpaid to prepaid you must go to a branch, since you have to cancel your contract and your invoice must be up to date.
  • As a new Digicel customer, can I bring my own phone or tablet and connect it to the Digicel LTE network?

    Yes, you can bring your own device to any of our branches.
  • As an existing Digicel customer, how can I purchase a new phone?

    You can buy a new smartphone from our website in the "Devices"/"Smartphone" tab, and when you buy it and activate your Digicel chip we give you your welcome package completely free that you can activate when you pick up your phone at our branches.
  • What are the available payment options?

    You can pay by credit card and Visa debit card, in our online store.
  • What documents are required to buy a new prepaid SIM card?

    You only need your DUI to buy a SIM online.
  • What documents are required to buy a new postpaid SIM card?

    You will need to present your DUI and proof of address.This can be a utility bill in your name or a bank statement.If you do not have a utility bill in your name, you will need a utility bill for your residence and a letter from that person that the utility bill is on file to allow them to use that address.